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Pinha (pinecone) is an highly customizable alternative and innovative lighting. This lamp consists of a suspended cork structure where one or more lamp shades in ultra-resistant Tyvek® sheet can be fixed.

It is the user final say on how Pinha will look and function. The lampshades, chosen among the available shapes and designs, will define its appearance. Regarding the function, the direction and intensity of the light is controlled depending on the shade application. The thermal insulation capacity and low conductivity cork handle allow to use Pinha in perfect safety.

To increase the degree of unpredictability - and inventiveness - is important to note that the position of Tyvek® is not definitive, Pinha can take the most diverse configuration, according to the space, the environment you want to create or simply your state of mind.

Materia - cork by Amorim

DesignerRaw Edges | From: Portugal

Agglomerated cork, electrical components, lampshade made of Dupond Tyvek

Diameter 13cm | Height 11cm

More information: This product already includes one lampshade