Dedicated to interior and furniture design projects.


As we enter the large courtyard, to the left we find a product showcase on distinct display. To the right, a vertical garden covering a high wall, serving as background to Modulor man statue that appears to float on small lake. Still on the ground floor, under the giant lampshade, tables and chairs invite you to sit and look at the Canteen’s menu.

The Canteen is open to all. A culinary exploration space, for foodies and connoisseurs with a careful selection of varied snacks, wines and cocktails. At IPI the lunch menu includes the sandwich of the day, a drink, soup, coffee and a mini dessert. Try out Instituto or Cabritinha, the house burgers. Others options include sandwiches, on toast bread or wrap. We have an extensive menu of red wines, whites, rosé or sparkling. If you prefer something healthier, natural juices and smoothies.


As go down the stairs to the back garden, we reach the playground, terrace with a view. In the afternoon, homemade cake, rustic or cereal bread toast. Invite someone for tea, or to try our craft beer. We also have artisanal ice cream, for kids and adults alike. It’s getting late, we  challenge you for a cocktail, classic, signature or tikki, there are 39 waiting. IPI is meeting point for people and ideas, mixing urban activities and thus materializing its purpose, be the city’s living room. We accept reservations.

Time for dinner. At the large table, friends are celebrating. In the loveseats, very coveted, pitchers of sangria, cheese boards with jam and portuguese sausages, large and small are shared. In the evening liqueurs or hard liquor. We have chosen the best for you. Gin, whiskey, vodka, rum, all is served up until close. Sundays and weekdays midnight, Friday and Saturday until 2. We do not have billiards.