Dedicated to interior and furniture design projects.

Interiores at heart


On the first floor, the lobby serves as antechamber. We are compelled to enter. At the right, a cozy parlor that you can enjoy, find inspiration for your projects, look through a magazine, wait for someone. You are home. If you choose the path to the left, there’s an ornate hall with decorative pieces. In the south wing, two rooms, dedicated to ideas and development, where you can hire services, interior design projects for businesses or individuals, developed with or by our partners.

José Guimarães is also here, it is where he plans and houses and apartments, kitchens and bathrooms, shops and offices, health spaces, tourism, temporary environments and other spaces that need intervetion. Welcome to your interior. We design to fit your requirements, taste and needs. Either it’s new house, a whole makeover or just rearrange what you have, we look for the best solutions.