Dedicated to interior and furniture design projects.

There are no institutes like this


When we opened in Penafiel, on the main avenue, people came from mass and queued in front of the window. A decoration and furniture store with the products displayed as we would have at home. The first one around. This was the result of José Guimarães travels to far away places. Now we are pioneers in the region, again.

The Plural Institute of Interior, or simply Institute, based in Penafiel, is mainly dedicated to the study, experimentation and development of interior and furniture design projects. Founded in 2016, designed for interioristas, seeks to be a reference, where decoration is showed beyond its concept, in a multidisciplinary and attractive location.

Originally intended for residential purposes, now a gathering place, for business deals and ideas. The building’s new typology allows interactivity between various functions. As in a  role-playing game, it is the visitor who leads the action.

Autumn, last century. In the house of the Melhundos Lieutenant, a gate with a stone cross is erected, as it still exists today. After the Vasco Queirós family, came the Agricultural Cooperative. Through modernization process, we rescued the building’s heritage. Now it is IPI, Interior Plural Institute.

The Institute aims to be and look like home, through a configuration with distinct operational and display areas. A different form of business for an informed public. Before to know what was new we had to go to the store, now we can do it on the couch. So we are trying a new formula, a bit decoration shop, a bit design studio, some food and music, people meeting.

José Guimarães